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ClearCorrect Brookhaven, PA

Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. By correcting these issues, orthodontic treatment can help improve the appearance of your smile, boost your self-confidence, and enhance your overall oral health. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, it might be time to consider ClearCorrect® in Brookhaven, PA.

At Crescent Dental Studio, we offer ClearCorrect as an orthodontic treatment option designed to suit the unique needs and goals of patients who qualify. Our team is here to help you achieve a straight, beautiful smile for aesthetics and health for older children and beyond.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

In addition to improving the appearance of the teeth and smile, orthodontics can:

  • Correct alignment problems: Help to correct issues with bite alignment and jaw function.
  • Prevent disease: Reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Pain relief: Decrease in the likelihood of suffering from headaches, jaw pain, and other issues related to misaligned teeth and jaws.
  • Improve confidence: Increase self-esteem by straightening crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth.


ClearCorrect is the brand of clear aligners that we offer for orthodontic treatment. Some benefits of ClearCorrect aligners include:

  • Discretion: Since they are clear and nearly invisible, ClearCorrect aligners are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces.
  • Convenience: They can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, which allows patients to maintain good oral hygiene and eat a wider variety of foods.
  • Custom-made: They are designed to fit the patient’s mouth, which makes them more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • Gentle: The biocompatible material is less likely to cause mouth irritation and injury than traditional braces.

Whether you have a small orthodontic issue or a more complex problem, our team of experienced professionals is here to help. Our goal is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Crescent Dental Studio uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible. Plus, our friendly team is always here to answer any questions you may have and to support you throughout your journey with ClearCorrect in Brookhaven, PA. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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